Deaf/HOH Online Ministry

About This Ministry


Thank you for visiting our web page for the deaf/hard-of-hearing community. This is an online ministry outreach, and each Sunday, you will find a new video of the sermon  edited with added ASL interpretation. Below you will find a link to the ASL interpreted playlist on our YouTube channel, and the videos are also embedded at the bottom of this page. If you would like to view the auto generated closed captioning, please turn on the closed captioning setting which is the wheel icon option on the video. We invite you to come back to this page each week or visit our YouTube channel to see more!

ASL Interpreted Sermons Playlist

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About our Interpreter

Amy Howard

Amy Mitchell Howard is a CODA kid from Lynchburg, VA. She has interpreted for the last 20 years across Central Virginia and the surrounding area, under VQAS certifications as well as a freelance interpreter. When she isn’t busy homeschooling her children and working with individuals and families in her community, she sweet talks talented people into editing and producing interpreting and transliteration projects for the deaf/hoh community. In particular, she has a heart for helping spread God’s Word to others.



Latest ASL Interpreted Sermons